Start the day with ZERO emails, thanks to Cinderella’s magic – Marc´s Feedbacks

Marc is used to quickly browse through his e-mails in order to answer them in order of urgency and importance. What is his problem?

So many time when I work on my mail, I get interrupted or called to solve an emergency and I forget to answer some important emails. I found a solution but far from optimum: I  open the most important emails and left them opened, but quickly it is becoming a mess with dozens of windows opened.”

Off course, we asked him if our free plug-in “Today for Outlook” helps him.

I haven´t changed my habits, I browse quickly my emails but now I send all the important ones to the TODAY directory. After getting disturbed, I cannot avoid it ☹, I know immediately how many important e-mails are left but most important, I don´t forget any of them anymore. And this affected positively my stress level and my behavior with colleagues.”

Continue sharing with us how you use this plug-in. The range of situations where this little plug-in helps is just amazing and doesn´t stop to surprise us.

General presentation

Instead of working in your overloaded inbox, start from ZERO e-mail in the TODAY folder. Why this different approach?

You will take back control over your emails by deciding which ones deserve your attention and become special ones. Remember Cinderella´s magic will stop working at midnight. All these special emails contained in TODAY folder will come back to normal emails and will be sent back to your Inbox.

TODAY folder is now empty and ready for another magical day.


Use the following link to go to Microsoft Official Website (this add-in has been tested and approved by Microsoft).

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