Start the day with ZERO emails, thanks to Cinderella’s magic – Robert´s feedback.

Robert is used to keep an eye on his mailbox all the time, even while in meetings. What problem does he have? On several occasions in the past, he forgot to answer important emails after his meetings.

“I know it’s a bad habit, but I have to watch my mail all the time, even when I’m in a meeting. I learned the hard way, I cannot count on my memory. I do not count the times I remembered too late that I had to answer an important email. Or even worse, when I completely forgot to answer one.  I have tried using different techniques like changing the email to unread, or creating a task, or taking a note, etc. But there was a lack of consistency and it still happened. Someone distracts me, asks me a question at the wrong time and I don’t use the technique. You know Murphy´s law! It always happens to the one email you must not miss. I needed a better solution and for me, “Today for Outlook” is doing the job.

Now, I don´t think anymore which technique is the most appropriate. When I see an important email, I send it to Today folder in one click. After the meeting, I check my TODAY folder. It has become a routine. No more late answers, no more forgotten email and I didn´t have to change my bad habit, I can still look at my emails during meetings. It´s make me happy”

Continue sharing with us how you use this plug-in. The range of situations where this little plug-in helps is just amazing and doesn´t stop to surprise us.

General presentation

Instead of working in your overloaded inbox, start from ZERO e-mail in the TODAY folder. Why this different approach?

You will take back control over your emails by deciding which ones deserve your attention and become special ones. Remember Cinderella´s magic will stop working at midnight. All these special emails contained in TODAY folder will come back to normal emails and will be sent back to your Inbox.

TODAY folder is now empty and ready for another magical day.


Use the following link to go to Microsoft Official Website (this add-in has been tested and approved by Microsoft).

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