Why I want to write about Artificial Intelligence (AI)

I want to explain why I will post several articles about Artificial intelligence.

Before my friend Marwan ask me to join him in Cadmus, I had basic computer skills. I´m engineer but computer science wasn´t my field. Also, I was so busy, I was listening to the marketing talks around Artificial Intelligence, but never really thought about it. It was a black box.

Everything changed with the success of our plug-in “Today for Outlook”. We decided to create new functions to help people even more: The solution to reduce the number of repetitive or boring tasks or just simply make life easier is to use Artificial Intelligence technology. So, I started to learn about Artificial Intelligence.

My goal was not to become a data scientist. I wanted to understand what is possible and most importantly, the problems and limitations of this technology. That’s what I want to share with you in the coming articles.

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