Archie Feature – Additional Information

  • Let your brain focus on your work.
  • Let Archie, your assistant, look for the correct place to save your e-mail.

Shared / functional e-mail account

No more anger at your college for not finding e-mail because it did not use the same logic to archive it.

YAPA ensures consistency in the way emails are archived.

Some Tips

  • Click and Switch : as soon as you accept Archie proposition, you can switch to another email or task, YAPA will move this email the relevant folder. You don┬┤t need to wait. No need to wait!
  • For free user, any modification of your archive structure like adding new folders or moving emails between different folders, will only be taken into account after the next training of the classifying model. This occurs only once a week.

Obtain YAPA for Outlook

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