YAPA for Outlook

  1.  YAPA helps you find the right folder to archive an e-mail.. So, you keep your archives organized and tidy.
  2. It brings an effective way to delay answering e-mails :
    •  Later TODAY : at 00.00, Today folder is emptied – emails back to Inbox .
    • TOMORROW : at 00.01, emails are moved to TODAY .


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YAPA Keys Benefits 

  • Focus on solving problems rather than on the folder in which an email should be archived. .
  • No need to change your habits, YAPA learns how you classify your e-mails and will follow it.
  • Language independent: YAPA handles emails, regardless of language or combination of languages .
  • Click and switch: after clicking to send an email to a folder, switch to another email, NO NEED TO WAIT.
  • Enjoy an organized archive structure instead of dumping all your e-mails in few folders.

Additional Information: Archie Feature

  • Quick decision: do I process this e-mail Now, Today, Tomorrow or probably Never?
  • Gentle incentive to process postponed emails: losing your selection, e-mails in Today folder return to inbox at midnight, is a gentle but effective incentive.
  • Better prioritize your work and e-mails: you might delay all non-urgent e-mails, you know where to find them (Today Folder).
  • Click and switch.
  • Easy E-mail Selection: You can use any method to send e-mails to TODAY or TOMORROW folder (drag-and-drop, automatic) and any device (mobile, tablet, iPad or iPhone).

Additional Information: TODAY and TOMORROW Features

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YAPA For Outlook is downloaded from Microsoft Website

Obtain YAPA for Outlook



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