Today and Tomorrow Features – Additional Information

How Today and Tomorrow  simplify your work?

  • At midnight, emails into TODAY folder are returned to inbox and marked as unread.
  • Just after midnight, emails into TOMORROW folder are moved to TODAY folder, ready to be treated in the morning.

Some Tips

  • Click and switch: as soon as you click on Today or Tomorrow buttons, you can switch to another email or task, YAPA will move this email to Today or Tomorrw folder anyway. No need to wait!
  • Emails can be moved into TODAY or TOMORROW Folders from any devices and any emails software: Android phones and tablets, IPhone, iPad, Thunderbird, etc.
  • You don´t have to use Today or tomorrow buttons. If you prefer, just drag and drop emails into TODAY or TOMORROW folders.
  • Customisation: you can rename and move TODAY and TOMORROW folders if you wish.

Fun explanation: use Cinderella’s magic Spell.

A little magic is something we all need in our lives.

We all know what’s waiting for us every time we open our email in-boxes. Sorting high-priority from interesting from junk can take an insane slice of time out of our day.

Well, magic is at hand! Use Cinderella Spell to manage your emails.

Every day, it’s right there, ready to protect your vital emails and make sure you never forget to respond to those super important communications, no matter how busy your day gets.

Like Cinderella, TODAY is resourceful and reliable as it holds your vital emails under a spell, in a safe place, until midnight ONLY.

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