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Here is What YAPA Users are Saying about their Experiences

When a new plug-in hits the market, people want to see how others have found its performance. They want proof that the plug-in works, that it actually does what the designers claim.

Here are some experiences our clients have shared with us:

·      Nancy uses her mobile phone

Nancy spends almost every day on the road. Her mobile is her office, most of the time. It’s fine for text messaging and social media applications, but for more detailed work, it isn’t that great.

As she says, Mobile is not the best tool for writing long and complex answers, I need my laptop and the resources at the office for that.”

Before I started using the YAPA app, I battled to find the emails I couldn’t respond to on my mobile. Now I just drop them into the TODAY or TOMORROW folders and they’re there when I need them.

I also really like the way the TODAY folder clears itself at midnight. Knowing the mails will return to their in-box motivates me to deal with them and having a clear folder at the start of the day is perfect.

·      How Marc deals with interruption

First thing in the morning and then throughout the day, Marc snatch time to browse through his e-mails as quickly as he could. To keep things under control, he tried to get some idea of importance and urgency before categorizing them into some sort of hierarchy.

That wasn’t working because in Marc’s words, “So many times, when I tried to work on my mail, I got interrupted or called to solve an emergency.

With all the disruptions, I often forgot to answer some important emails. To try and remember which mails were vital, I would open them and leave them open. This quickly turned into a disaster with dozens of open tabs – a total mess!

After downloading the YAPA for Outlook plug-in, Marc still goes through his in-box to identify e-mails needing his attention, but he no longer has a disaster on his hands.

I haven´t changed my habits, I browse my emails quickly but now I send all the important ones to the TODAY directory.

When I get interrupted, which is part of the job, my emails are organized.

I always know how many I still have to answer, and I never forget any of them.

The result? My stress levels are way down and I’m a far nicer person to work with, just ask my colleagues!” 

·       Robert and his memory

Robert needs to keep an eye on his emails at all times, even during meetings.

His problem has always been catching up after meetings. If he has  a day of particularly heavy email traffic, important emails can get buried down the line. On several occasions he has overlooked or forgotten to respond to important emails.

I learned the hard way, I can’t depend on my memory. I can’t count the times I remembered too late that I had to answer an important email. Or worse, when I completely forgot to answer one.

I tried different techniques, like changing the email to unread, or creating a task, or taking a note – things like that. But nothing worked for long and each system had a fatal problem. Someone would distract me, ask me a question at the wrong moment, something like that and I’d forget to use whichever tactic I was trying to stick to.”

Of course Murphy’s Law meant i always missed the most important emails.

I had to find a solution and for me, “Today for Outlook” is it. It’s brilliant.

Now, when I see an important email, I send it to my TODAY folder with one click. After the meeting, I go straight to the folder – everyting is there.”

It’s became a routine. No more late answers, no more forgotten emails and I can concentrate far better in meetings. I just glance at incoming emails, if they look important, I drop them into TODAY; I don’t have to focus any attention of them until afterwards.”

·       Marwan writes highly technical emails

Marwan works for an engineering company desiging and manufacturing bespoke conveyor belts and goods handling systems.

Email is his most important business tool.

During the day, he reads his incoming emails as they arrive, but he can’t always reply immediately – some of his responses need to be highly technical and that takes time and concentration.

Marwan tried to rely on his memory to keep track but always had problems.

I have a high pressure job. When I get busy, it’s really difficult to remember who I have emailed. I found I was forgetting to reply to some really important customers.”

YAPA for Outlook is his solution.

 Now, when I see an email I need to spend time on, I hit the TODAY button and it drops into the TODAY folder. As soon as things calm down and I can concentrate, it’s really easy to see which mails are waiting for me.

“Having this function means I don’t waste time digging through my

in-box. It’s all right there and I can get down to work immediately.

 ·       Dominique

Dominique has been using the YAPA app for a while.

Being in the events industry, she often works long hours and late into the night. This means she sometimes isn’t able to get to her TODAY folder before it clears at midnight.

I really like the way the TODAY folder returns my emails as ‘unread’, It means I can find them super easily the next day, I can see them immediately. It’s a great help, especially when they need to be dealt with urgently.

“I really want to thank CADMUS for coming up with this app. It’s saved me from losing clients several times.



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