Privacy – Yapa for Outlook

YaPa for Outlook:

  • May store some user info such as email address and user time zone.
  • Can read emails in the user’s mailbox and can move emails between folders.
  • Does not store copies of emails outside the user’s mailbox.
  • May track usage of the App for the purpose of improvement.
  • We never share your data with or sell to any 3rd party.

All data is stored securely in Microsoft data centers in the Netherlands.

Cadmus Data Science is a company registered in the Netherlands (BSN:8578.49.347) and abides by Dutch, EU, and other applicable laws, regulations and business ethics. Our legal guidance is the GDPR.

Never give your email password, always check the URL of the site that is asking for your password, beware of Phishing Attacks, and stay safe :-).

If you wish to be forgotten forever, and all your data to be removed, please send an email to [email protected], titled “Forget me”.
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