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Your Privacy Matters
Yapa is provided to you by Cadmus Data Science, which is a company registered in the Netherlands (BSN:8578.49.347) and abides by Dutch, EU, and other applicable laws, regulations and business ethics. Our legal guidance is the GDPR, the world toughest data privacy and security regulation. All data is stored securely in data centers in the Netherlands. Cadmus Data Science collects information that is required to provide the service in a secure way.

  • May store some info such as email address, user name, and time zone.
  • Can analyze emails and move them between folders.
  • Does not store copies of emails outside the user’s mailbox.
  • May track usage for the purpose of improvement of service.

Data Collected by Yapa
 An overview of the data that this app may collect about device hardware, diagnostics and user information to function properly, and to secure data stored on this device.
Device Hardware:
Such as: Device name, Device Type, Device Model, Device Manufacturer, OS Version, Device timezone.
App Information:
Such as: Bundle ID, Version number and Version name.
Such as: crash logs, network errors, launch events, runtime exceptions, etc…
User Information
Such as: email address, name, and timezone.

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